Italy, June 2001




By Libertad


The 22. of March 2001, a trial against four supposed members of the organization "Revolutionary Cells (RZ)" begun. The now dissolved armed organization was active from 1973 until 1991, except the RZ-connected womens organization "Rote Zora", which appeared last time in public bombing an arms factory in 1995. This is the third trial against the RZ within a year. In a first case, the traitor H.J.Klein and Rudolf Schindler were accused of participation in the armed occupation of the Vienna OPEC ministers' conference in 1975, carried out by the "Group of International Revolutionaries" under the command of "Carlos" Sanchez. Taking judicial benefit of the treason law, H.J. Klein was condemned to nine years of imprisonment for murder, meanwhile no proof could be found against Rudolf Schindler, who remained absolved. In a second case, the traitor Tarek Mousli was condemned to four years imprisonment for membership to a terrorist organization, also he lowering his punishment by treason.


In the third case that started now, the testimony of Tarek Mousli is the key element for the Prosecutors accusation against Sabine Eckle, Matthias Borgmann, Harald Goede, Axel Haug and, once again, Rudolf Schindler, who was postwards incorporated into case the 30. of March by an order from the highest national court. The five comrades are accused of membership to the RZ-command which operated in Berlin until 1991. In his own case the traitor Mousli has already testified the accused to be the responsibles for an armed campaign against Germans migration policies between 1986 and 1991, including bombings against the refugees adminstration building and knee-shots against the director of the foreigners administration department and a constitutional court jugde.


The first day of the trial, a committee of international observers had to experience heavy security measures: they were body-searched and denied to take pencil and paper into the court building. At the same time, member to the special police unit responsible for the safety Tarek Mousli were allowed to carry firearms inside.


In a public call, hundreds of personalities, leftwing and human rights organizations have rejected the case, argueing that the accused were acting in resistance to the unhuman migration policies, that the court case is based only upon the treason law and the antit-terrorist law, which, according to the declaration, should be abolished for their antidemocratic caracteristics. Among the personalities who signed the call figure the new head for the Green Party Claudia Roth and the new minister for the protection of the consumer Renate Künast, also member of the Green Party. The two politicians had signed the call before they came into these functions and are now trying to defend themselves against a follow-up campaign led by the right-wing opposition party CDU. The conservatives had already tried to attach the Green Party ministers Fischer and Trittin to the armed revolutionary struggle of the 70s and 80s. As these two, also Künast and Roth are now making an effort to state that they never supported any armed acticvities. If the court case would show that the accused have been engaged in terrorism the Green Party ministers naturally would support their imprisonment. As the OPEC-case, where foreign minister Fischer appeared testifying about his time as a member to the organization "Revolutionary Struggle", the Berlin RZ-case is beeing used as an instrument of assuring the political loyality of the considerable number of former left radicals who nowadays are in leading positions of the state.


Libertad! (Germany)




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