Italy, June 2001




By Network for Political and Social Rights


On the 15th of March Nikos Giannopoulos  (member of the Network for Political and Social Rights) and the journalist Ioanna Sotirhou were arrested in Amman by the jordanian secret services. Nikos and Ioanna went to Amman in order to interview the palestenian Nadim Rizmaoui (former member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). Rizmaoui is a key witness in Abraham Lesperoglou case. Lesperoglou is a former leftist activist who faces serious accusations for alleged urban guerila acts (murders, robberies etc). Rizmaoui's testimony confirms Lesperoglou's innosence.

The two greeks and the palestenian were arrested by armed men after having left the airport. They were kept in prison under extremely bad conditions. It is characteristic that Nikos stayed with the eyes covered and the hands tied in the back for 24 hours. They were threatened to be held in Amman for many years as members of the greek terrorist organisation "November 17".

The interrogation (made by a greek speaking jordanian officer) proves that the Network and the Committee of Solidarity to Lesperoglou are under close surveillance. The jordanian authorities knew many details about the solidarity activities of the Network and the personal life of the two comrades. There is no way the jordanian authorities were able to know such details. This information could have been transfered only by the USA agents (who took it of course by the greek police). The american interference is also proved by the fact that the jordanian officer was given questions written in English 

At the end, after the intervention of the greek goverment, Nikos and Ioanna were set free (on the 18th of March). Rizmaoui is still in prison under unknown conditions.

The Network believes that this terrorist act had two targets:

a) to prevent Rizmaoui from giving the interview (USA government presses heavily greek authorities for the Lesperoglou conviction)

b) to terrify Network members in order to stop organising solidarity movements.

The Network for the Political and Social Rights declares that solidarity activism won't be ceased. The effort of the greek government to "fight terrorism" passing over the dead body of the political and social rights will be contained. It also makes an appeal for the Rizmaoui release and asks everybody and every organisation to express their solidarity.


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