Italy, october 2001

PFLP Press Release
9 October 2001

Ramallah: Given the unfortunate events that occurred yesterday afternoon in the Gaza region, at a time when the Zionists are escalating their attacks upon the masses of our people, and within the context of the American imperialist attack upon Afghanistan aimed at reinforcing American domination and imposing it upon the peoples of the world, we call upon the masses of our people, their vital political forces, and the Palestine Authority to exercise the highest degree of self-restraint. We call on them to strive to strengthen the bonds of popular and national unity that have been consecrated by the blood of our people's martyrs on the fields of confrontation along the fronts of the Intifada. We call on them to strengthen the armed resistance throughout the whole of our dear homeland.

We must not allow the enemies to break the bonds of our internal unity. We in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, on the basis of our responsibility to our people and their supreme national interests, believe and declare the following:

1. The right of our people to express their opinion and their solidarity with the people of Afghanistan is a sacred right that no one is entitled to violate.

2. The principle that was enhanced by the traditions of our national work and was strengthened by the Intifada, demands that we look to the logic of responsible, democratic dialogue to solve any manifestation of internal differences.

3. We condemn the choice to resort to the use of weapons in solving problems of internal differences and demand that those who violate this principle be brought to trial.

4. We call on the leadership of the Palestine Authority, the national and Islamic forces, and political and popular activists to work to limit the divisive effects of this unfortunate event and to prevent the occupiers and others from destroying our national unity or the supreme interests of our people.



Palestinian Human Rights NGOs Demand An End to Political Arrests By The Palestinian Authority And Call For The Release Of All Political Prisoners.

Palestinian security forces have entered the third day of a campaign of political arrests against many individuals and leaders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, after the PFLP military wing took responsibility for the military action against the Israeli Minister of Tourism, Rehevam Ze'evi, in response to the assassination of PFLP leader Abu Ali Mustafa on 27 September 2001. The arrests come as a response to political and military pressure from the Israeli and US administrations against the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian human rights NGOs express their grave concern at the return of the PA to a policy of arbitrary political arrests of leaders and members of the PFLP and demand the following:

Immediately halt these political arrests which constitute a clear violation of the Declaration of Human Rights, particularly Articles 2, 3, 9, 12, 19 of the Declaration.

Immediately release those arrested and respect freedom of opinion as expressed within the Palestinian Declaration of Independence and other international covenants that uphold human rights and freedom of expression.

Palestinian human rights organizations reiterate their complete opposition to the policy of assassination and extra-judicial killing practiced by the Israeli authorities on Palestinian land since the beginning of the Intifada. Palestinian human rights NGOs support the right of Palestinians to struggle for their legitimate rights.

Palestinian human rights organizations warn the Palestinian Authority that the arrest of political activists presents a very real danger to the lives of these detainees. Placing political activists in prison presents them as targets to the Israeli military, as has been demonstrated in the past. For example, on 18 May 2001 when Israeli forces attacked the Nablus Central Civilian Prison in an attempt to kill Mahmoud Abu Hanoud, allegedly a leader of the military wing of HAMAS.

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