Italy, june 2002




As group of comrades since years engaged with propaganda and internationalist unrest, and with the struggle in support of political prisoners, and engaged with unofficial information in general, we have thought important, inside our work's development, to refer to what was discussed, worked out and proposed in Berlin (april 1999) during and after the meeting called "Pacification or Liberation".  That experience showed us the great interest of worldwide groups and organizations about repression and revolutionaries' detention and, at the same time, it showed us the great difficulty to identify right instrumemnts to consolidate worldwide relationships and cooperation.  Since then the work about communication was identified as essential to allow, at least in elaboration, a continuous exchange of informations and reflections about the present situation.

"Since now our cooperation has been often casual, and only some times coordinated, and it has weakened us, while it has strengthened our enemies".

(from Berlin meeting's appeal)


During last years our concrete work convinced us more and more that militarist development of capitalist world system was going to show main institutions which, worlwide and into european metropolis' countries, are going to "conduct" a new alignment of this system's hierarchies.  In particular, now it is clear that the comtinental level is the least material requirement to guarantee to european imperialistic middle class a concrete perspective of world power. And it is not only on the economic level (more than three hundred millions of consumers, as their propaganda says, being silent about massive capital outlay out of Europe itself) but above all on the political-military level.

It is necessary a new balance inside force relationships between social classes into european metropolis, and worldwide, it needs a formalization of new hierarchic relationships with new and old world powers (that is the concrete realization of the new NATO's Strategic Concept).  In this meaning, in next months and probably years, the work of the European Constituent Convention is going to represent the main clearing house for the interest of different "national" fractions inside european imperialistic middle class, and it is going to lay the material foundations of future political and social conflicts into european metropolis, and the foundations of the "new" european political-military power in the world (and, surely, even in the near foreign countries).  So, since now, it is necessary to create an adequate repressive superstructure, both precautionary and military, in european key; that is a superstructure we have seen yet at work, even in a first moment, against militants belonging to revolutionary organizations, inside countermeetings and inquiries against the so-called "international terrorism".

At the same time we think that assuming as interpretation key the analysis of the interaction of counter-revolution's strategies worldwide,allows us to go over the false contrast between "Eurocentrism" and "Third Worldism": every element of knowledge explaining enemy's strategies is a weapon we can and we must use.

But, on the other side, it is clear that our battlefield, as european metropolitan proletariat, has got to be Europe itself.

Since now we can see the first sign of an adaptation of resistance level by proletariat and by european Left: the first attempt of union struggles to a continental level; road struggles against "national" governments and imperialistic overnational instituions (Nice, Goteborg, Genoa, Barcelona, Munich...).

Making these general reflections and , above all, observing that in many countries of european imperialisyic metropolis there are many oprganizations criticizingimperialistic military structures (NATO) and the beeing formed european imperialistic pole, Senza Censura has decided to make an operative proposal to those structures which,during last years, rooted in their countries, expressing a substantial continuity of work in regard to unofficial information.  We think that it is very important to create steady political confrontation with other editorial groups in Europe, and we are sure that communication can make concrete this aim.

So we propose the realization of a monothematic publication arising from the collaboration of different european editorial groups, which aim is to develop an analysis of repression in Europe, about its instruments and their consequence in every single country, with the effort to place these reflections inside the more general situation of development of the international clash, and trying not to create a collage of articles.

We are verifying what european reviews could be interested, so as to organize a first meeting approximately for November 2002, perhaps to coincide with some international date (we invite you to give us the sddress of reviews which could be interested).

In the meeting wwe will discuss how to face proposed themes and the structure of the publication, in addition to put bases for future confrontations and collaboration among different experiences.

Red greetings.

The editing of Senza Censura