Italy, june 2002

Some reflections about these months' mobilizations of solidarity with Palestine.

During these last months the question of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle has kept busy the activity of many comrades, on local and on national scale.
The impression is that not only the terrible images we saw on TV have moved soothed consciences on the specific question: we think that a lot of energy and tension which have developed was coming from the acknowledgement, in the Palestinian cause, of one of the greatest injustices caused by the "globalized" system of capital.
It has been as suddenly a large part of people who came down to square during precedent months in Naples, Genoa, asking themselves, in accordance with their own culture and/or political conscience, about the possibility to affirm a different mood to interpret the world, had recognized in the Palestinian struggle with no hesitation another "front", even if more extreme, of its own struggle.
And the same thing we can say about more Trade Unions areas: engaged during these months with many fronts of opposition to ownership's national and international strategies, they showed an unforeseen attention to the Palestinian question, often characterizing many of their squares on order words very unusual for last years.
We can understand that it has been not only an "emotional" question because it has been expressed a political quality and with relative easiness it has been overcome the difficult moment for political debate, even inside the same "antagonist" areas, about the whole question: the pacification process.
A process on what many words have been spent, and the only useful remarks we can do are that during these years it made sleep the critic conscience of parts of the class that had found a good peace in those handshakes on owners' grasses: we hope that this can be useful for future memory!
The fossilization of this increasing situation, has been surely the demonstration on 9th march in Rome, where, suddenly, thousands of people have met with order words very "advanced", even embarrassing for many bureaucrats from "Rifondazione Comunista" party or from Social Forums, which, in fact have done many things except supporting that date, contrasting in every mood with Palestine Forum's noble and humble work.
Thousands of people which have thought to be right to take the Intifada's order words on strategic questions like the one of refugees and Zionist settlements, stopping the ambiguity of peace process; and this is independent from who organized it or what their respective "leaderships" were expressing.
We think that these signals are important and that they have to be kept.
And not because we think that this is the starting point for more important passages (as some farsighted comrades have tried to give as hypothesis): probably the "net" form proposed by Palestine Forum is the most adequate method.
So, the evident fall of tension during last weeks (though in Palestine things are the same...) is the most concrete demonstration that no one can have the capacity to "synthesize" into organized projects what, far from being a well defined outlines movement, represents only the result of an objective restriction, from an individual and political point of view, of mediation spaces. It is the fruit of disillusion towards every hypocrite politic and at the same time it represents an increasing consciousness of our own historic and social role inside this society, when the crisis is going worse for more large parts of population.
There can be moments when this diffused and articulate reality takes shape around some order words, above all around moments of "self-celebration", the great square demonstrations; but, daily, this reality goes away from militants and disperses into micro-collective and sometimes into individuality.
Even many "leaders", who have build their politic credibility on their supposed capacity to conduct the movement during last months, are realizing this truth, and they talk about crisis.
We are glad to let to "politic leaders" (more or less antagonist) their own delirium of representative ness.
We think that the problem is not the leadership of a supposed movement!
In this moment our real problem is to find the manner to keep the position and not to step back on what of positive it has been expressed after years.
So, the mobilization in support of Palestine is very important.
If the Intifada succeeded where the militant work of little groups did not arrive, this heritage has to be protected.
If Palestinian people and its revolutionary organizations' strength has been able to pull out with a dear price every ambiguity on real intentions of imperialistic policies in the area, it's our politic duty to amplify and defend this message, in its contents , its quality, for what it represents.
It has to be defended making not it fall into obliging logics of demagogic opportunism and pacifism, bringing out those left parts of Arabian movement itself, which succeeded in having, in Italy too, a place in dates, debates, etc.
It will not be a simple or expected work.
Counter-revolution is very careful: while in the whole Europe there are new politic places to bring out advanced points of view about the Palestinian question and in general about the whole area, the European Union "certifies" the limit of compatibility putting into its black list of so-called terrorist organizations a large part of revolutionary organizations (many of which by left)which represent a reference for the class clash in Palestine and in many other places of the world.
This too will be an aspect that we think will have to characterize the continuation of politic work about Palestine, and that is going to bring near more and more problems of politic revolutionary work of organizations, groups, and militants all over the world, together with the work of class movements developing into "Fortress Europe" in the age of "enduring war" against every revolution.