Italy, june 2002


As prisoner militant of Red Brigades (Walter Alasia column), I expressfull solidarity with the organization and with its attack against Marco Biagi,Labour Minister's consultant, author of the project of restructuring of the labour market, integral part of the project to remodel social and political relationships in support of imperialistic middle-class'general interests in this historical juncture. Indicating by this way in our country's class clash a political revolutionary perspective.
In this historical moment the limit of capitalistic way of production is showing in its drama; Capital is going through a deep economic, social and political crisis.
Productive forces' development is again the cause of deep contradictions: the increasing class exploitation and the robbery of the South of the world, are the only way for Capital to escape from crisis.
Imperialistic state wants to be a mainstay to compact again the ruling class to affirm its class political interest.
As owner of strenght monopoly and warranter of reproduction of capitalistic relation, the Imperialistic State breaks out against the exploited class of the Centre and against periphery's peoples too; against every demonstration of resistance to capitalistic rule.
The imperialistic war to control main sources of raw materials and to support the profit, fills the international scene since more than ten years. Against the resistance of Arabian-Islamic peoples, that showed itself above all with the attack of 11th september in USA, against the resolution of Palestinian fighters in the new Intifada, Imperialism is showing its aim of permanent war against these peoples, through the attack against Afghanistan, Palestine, and soon against Irak.
But this war is directed also aginst every restarting of classs movement, against who fights Capital and Imperialistic State, here in the Centre. Police laws passed in Europe are the most clear example. The resolution of the Italian government to put on revolutionary and anti-imperialist prisoners the notorius article 41 bis, is a consequent articulation.
The aim is to break prisoners' revolutionary identity.
An unrealistic aim. Instead this is going to be occasion to affirm again a clear point of view against imperialistic jail in support of revolutionary prisoners, after years of dreary campaigns for "political solution".
This economic, social and political crisis of Capital that is going on since 30 years and today is going through a so difficult moment, shows clearly how much the social form ruled by Capital, in front of productive forces and social richness producted as never before, is surviving only thanks to war and a greatest class exploitation. So we can see again the necessity of its overcoming with a communist social form, able to bring out these productive forces and this richness and put them at the service of social individual's development.
Red Brigades have proposed again with strenght, into the heart of imperialism, the question of the construction of a new subjectivity able to give an adequate strategy to obtain this epochal aim: the armed struggle strategy.

Biella, 9/06/2002