Italy, july-october 2004


"A people who wants to gain its independence cannot stop to ordinary means of war. The mass insurrection, the revolutionary war and, above all, the guerrilla everywhere, these are the means which allow to a small people to win on a great people; only by this way a weaker army can face a stronger and better organized army".

Marx and Engels, "Neue Reinische Zeitung"

Since the publication of our last issue, the political show staged by the Imperialistic Bourgeoisie and its allies has widen itself with tragic "news", "unexpected " events and inevitable "lost" appointments.
By this way, for example, the public international opinion has "discovered" that occupation armies behave like occupiers and soon use not much conventional "weapons" to keep their rule on the occupied people!
Briefly, two examples: the tortures and the occupier "irregular" troops in Iraq.
It's clear that both these questions have been raised by the Governments of occupying countries ("spontaneously" or forced by the Iraqi resistance) to favour a "common and shared" intervention of democratic Powers and to carry again the occupation/rebuilding of Iraq into the "humanitarian and democratically correct" policies.
Nevertheless, these "exceptional events" waved by the imperialistic propaganda, are of use to hide the terrorist trait of the wars of imperialistic aggression (especially in the most recent ones). An example : during the recent Balkan wars the occupier armies limited "inhuman treatments" to prisoners only because they had some local one to delegate; but in the "little war" in Afghanistan or in the Iraqi one, the "juridical principle" acted by the democratic Powers was and is the same: they don't apply the international treaties about war prisoners on resistance fighters, in Guantanamo or everywhere, because they don't belong to "conventional armies". (This is the same "principle" why in Nazi concentration camps those treaties where not applied on resistance fighters from many European countries or on Soviet soldiers - URSS had not signed the Geneve Treaty).
They do this also to keep silence on many massacres of civilians.
Like the great presence of irregular mercenaries among the occupiers (yet known by Yugoslavian peoples), which is the direct consequence of the increased robbery trait of the imperialistic wars after the end of the so-called bi-polar world, and during which there has been yet "civilian staff" during the war operations to occupy a land "to be pacified".
Obviously, the situation created by the neo-militarist propaganda done by the democratic Powers to "preventively acquit" their own criminal acts towards whole peoples in the world, done under the flag of the "international war to terrorism", is of use for the internal front of imperialistic bourgeoisies of different countries.
For example, it is known the parliamentary debate which in Italy has characterized the law process about the introduction of "torture offence", which has tried to define by a juridical way the "military" relationships established on the field by the repressive corps, during the premeditated and criminal intervention against the demonstration which took place in Genoa in July 2001.
The last 9th June, the UNO's Security Council gave a last concrete application of the "New Strategic Concept" worked out by NATO, unanimously passing the resolution N 1546 (just in time for the G8 meeting in Sea Island - 8/10 June 2004).
According to this resolution, the occupier troops can stay in Iraq until 2006, with full autonomy of command; the local administration is transferred to a puppet government (directed by a former baathist leader and agent of the CIA and the Britannic M16) on 30th June 2004; but the "key-instrument" for the "pacification" process is a new organ which will be settled in Baghdad : the "Ministry committee for national security", into which they will work together the Iraqi government, the Iraqi police, the Intelligence Service of Baghdad and the Anglo-American command.
As known, this initiative was preceded by the visit to the allied State and Government heads by the USA Federal President, and it was aimed to favour treaties among democratic Powers about concrete ways to realize the constitution of a Great Middle East, supported by Bush: a plan of democratic and economic reforms which goes from Mauritania to Pakistan (like the imperialistic propaganda says).
A political initiative which , at the same time, is almost everywhere acknowledged as instrument to contain the process of constitution of the "Great Europe" or "Enlarged Europe", which seem to be confirmed by the G8 summit's conclusions.

In particular: in first place Russia, even if has declared not to support this initiative, at the moment will not take part to the found for the "Great Middle East"; in second place, the original declaration project on the "Great Middle East" is reduced to the publication of a common political paper titled "Partnership for progress and a common future in the enlarged Middle East and North Africa" and to a G8's plan to support reforms, made of seven points; in third place, and above all, the principle to substitute NATO's troops for allied troops has not been passed officially, like under the auspices of the USA administration and Great Britain.
But, like "Senza Censura" tries to say since years, it's just a multinational institution such as NATO to propose to be compensating place for the general imperialistic interests and to be the most effective instrument to anticipate Bourgeoisie's strategies and political initiatives worldwide.
Now, although soon human actions give not wanted results, the theories which underline in these facts a potential inter-imperialist conflict between the two Atlantic shores, don't consider that , France excluded, the principal armies of NATO since one year are yet involved in the Iraqi front; and the participation of other countries involves not very simple financial and "technical" solutions. Besides, by this point of view, it's clear the coincidence between the expected passage of sovereignty to the Iraqi puppet government and the opening of the next NATO's summit in Istanbul (where probably they will be defined the details of new engagements).
Meanwhile the war is going on together with the objective accumulation of strength and experience in the proletarian field, both on the internal and the external front , as "Senza Censura" yet tried to underline in October 2001 ("Senza Censura" n 6).
By this point of view, the demonstration which took place in Rome the last 4th June , despite a pacifist "leadership", is the proof of the increasing numerical consistency of the movement against war, militarism and the Power-Europe.
So, instead of be stunned by such facts (moral exercise by old and new reformists) it's necessary and urgent to understand how the historical process of adjustment among the imperialist hierarchy, is deep. And that, by a class point of view, it falls on the perspective of a new proletarian autonomy and freedom, in the different imperialist countries like in the so-called periphery.