Italy, july-october 2004


The picture put into effect stretch them to determine an inexorable approach, if not just a superimposition, between that they are, at this point in the same definition of Imperialist Bourgeoisie (IB), the inner front and external front. The Resistance that until today has put to hard tries the IB in Iraq, the expressions of opposition of varied nature to the war in the same center of imperialism, the same conscience of having an enemy in house represented from a Multinational Proletariat (MP) that, although up to now does not succeed to express itself, it is potentially explosive, has determined one ulterior acceleration in the processes of integration of the repressive structure to international level, and in particular in recent months, as far as the European dimension. In the past numbers we have more times faced the development of the European repressive apparatus, from the adaptations to the fight against "international terrorism", to the homogenisation of the legislation with respect to the crimes of "terrorism", to the creation of political-military structures to continental level, from the European black lists, to the extraterritoriality of the police-judicial action in order to contrast the effects of the hold-up political that, to the inside like to the outside, represent the total strategy of the gendarmes of the world. If the line of tendency on the inner Front of the imperialist strategy not modification, the same one we cannot say of the ulterior adaptations of the continental repressive system, of its "stable integration" in the European Constitution and, not last for importance, of the effective use of the instruments of which they are equips the European countries in the last years. If the European arrest warrant, to here of the fears of the "the our beloved" Prime Minister, does not have in assumed truth a political role to the inside of the crash between the several spirits of the European bourgeoisies, the same one cannot be said as far as the attack to the revolutionary organisations and its militants: the arrests of Basque militants in France on mandate of the "democratic" Garzon judge represent a not isolated example and that it will be destined to multiply itself in future. The responsibilities of our national "left", and of the greater part of that European, in the comparisons of such aggravations of the repressive legislation, they assume the highest levels; pack-saddles to think that just this provision has been a war-horse of the political fight against the skilful center, and in particular towards its "leader", through the creation of a reactionary ideological campaign that has given free field to its application. Sure we are not astonished, watching to us behind, if famous post 11/9 have seen the total institutional left alignment of the European, to part rare exceptions, to the choices dictated from the "fight to the international terrorism". Remaining domestically Italian, we cannot not notice of Hush, or better than a risen one than silence/assent that he has characterised the effective insertion of the Torture, and every companion to knows very well that this makes part of the Italian and European repressive tradition, between the possible "activities of pressure" concurred in the interrogating ones. We will not get tired ourselves to denounce the objective responsibility of these fields for the future fallen back ones that such norms will have on those who will continue to give their real contribution to the process of radical transformation of the society of the war. Even if many comrades of the same movement "have turned the head from the opposite part", in recent months we have assisted to the application of how much previewed from the European legislation in the comparisons of the revolutionary organisations and combatants inserted in the so-called black lists, and in particular in the comparisons of the militants of the DHKP-C that has been is invested from a campaign of arrests to European level, going to hit, as previewed from the aforesaid legislation, the same companions that solidarities carry they or that they support their fight. In the month of April in the List of the Terroristic Organisations of the Ue have been inserted 10 Italian organisations, the anarchical organisations that have been subject of one repressive campaign at this point without term, the combatant organisations like Br PCC, the Nuclei of Proletarian Initiative, the Nipr, the Nac. The fallen back one of that we will verify it in the next few months but sure, if its real application finds one, we could assist, we hope not without reaction, to an ulterior aggravation of the repressive level towards those who they make part of those defined areas "contiguous or analogous" to the combatant organisations and towards those who militant prisoners entertain relationships with theirs and or that they allow the spreading of their documents. Within this picture he risks to become, therefore as we have asserted to front of the repressive aggravations post 11/9, misleading to speak to you about post 11 March as far as the ulterior aggravations of the European repressive legislation, in how much, like already asserted previously, the tendency line not modification but on the base of favourable conditions it endures an acceleration in its adaptation, with the scope to contain the pushes it puts into effect them and future of an enemy who begins to feel itself also "in house". To of the judgements with respect to the bombs of Madrid, European imperialism it is shrewed here that its metropolis can hide its enemy, and therefore the war cannot only be fought on the front Iraqi, or Afghani, but it must be faced also to the inside of the metropolis. And in order to make it they are not still necessary, at least for hour, the same entire means that allow to raze to the ground countries to outside of its borders... In the month of March followed numerous encounter to European level as far as it puts into effect them order of the Inner Emergency. In the meeting of the end of March between the European Law, State and Foreign Departments it has been approved of a document that trace the guide-lines of the future passages of the European repressive structure. New Declaration of Fight to Terrorism reproposes how much illustrated in days previous from Irish President of Union that places to first point necessity see again Plan of Action against Terrorism of 2001, that it consists in the proposal of creation of a figure that places side by side the High Representative for the CFSP, in the development of the legislation, ulterior measures against the financing of the "terrorist organisations", in the increase of the co-ordination and the co-operation, in actions to undertake towards the outside of the Ue. The critical document strongly the lacked registration from part the single countries of the norms already decided in European center.
Only 5 countries have inserted in their national legislations previewed how much from the European Arrest warrant, considered a priority for being able to give to flood application to the European Security Strategy. Eurojust and the same Commission promises to supervise why all the states are adapted within the end of this year. The Ue had already adopted in the 2002 guide-lines for the location of one common definition of the terrorism crimes and the necessity of one homogenisation of the relative minimal and maximum pains. The European Commission will have to recall the states that have not supplied up to now to adapt the own legislation. According to the document they have been disregarded the engagements regarding the decisions assumed from the Convention of 2000 on the mutual attendance for the criminal facts, inasmuch as only four countries they have in ratified truth the convention. The critics do not lack as far as the thoroughness of the information supplied with respect to the norms against the financing of the criminal organisations and on the lacked contribution to how much deciding in 2002 on the possibility combined surveyings between more countries. Greater attention would have to be destined towards those instruments that are fundamental for the fight to the "inner terrorism": Eurojust and the specific measures in order to implement the police and judicial co-operation between the Ue countries. All the countries, but two, have proceeded to communicate the Responsibles, point of reference for the sharing of the information on the inquiries and it turns out investigated. Such aspects, according to the document, are of the maximum priority, and as indicated in the last date the half of 2005 for their full registration from part of all the states. The Commission moreover invites the members to implement puts into effect it them legislation with respect to the emergency of the naval and aerial transport, beyond that for the transport of the passengers. The 22 You open them USA and Ue has signed an agreement that has for object the control of the container traffic in order to guarantee the emergency of the marine transports, of the ports and to prevent I use it of cargo ships for attacks, giving therefore term to the litigation between Belgium, Holland, France and European Commission after the company from part of these countries of the Container Security Initiative (CSI) with the USA. According to the European Commission, the Commission Inner Justice and Transactions would have to succeed to make to exceed the bureaucratic difficulties and take as priority the performance of the decisions with respect to the seizure of the assets proceeds of criminal facts, instruments and property of the guilty or the organisations of which they make part; the protection of the systems of communication from the possible attacks from part of "cyber-terrorists"; the acknowledgement of the pact of assistance or the seizure provisions; the possibility to recognise the mutual attendance in order to obtain given, necessary objects, documents for the investigations. Moreover it is necessary that it comes instituted the possibility from part of the European police to exceed the own borders for giving the "hunting" to eventual responsibles of "terrorist" actions. With the objective to cut to the financings to the organisations in truth the repressive system it increases its quality in the preventive function through the creation of database on organisations and persons characterised as pertaining to organisations and they backers or suspected to make some it leave, in order to concur therefore a greater exchange of information between the national police, Europol and Eurojust. The information will be collections, under the supervision of Europol, from private companies.
The numerous documents evidence the necessity to implement the co-operation mechanisms ulteriorly and co-ordination between the European magistracy, police forces and intelligence through the full load I use of Europol and Eurojust accelerating, with the engagement of all the members, their development. Europol comes already considered the natural force "anti-terrorism" and consequently on transfer it many of the expectations in the short term, therefore as always greater importance stretches to being covered from the Task Force of the Heads of the European Police, that will have to give concrete answers to the fight to the "terrorism". "It's moreover necessary to strengthen Eurojust guaranteeing its role of co-ordination of the national activities of fight to the terrorism through the Ue, eliminating whichever possibility from part of the states members to prevent eventual" actions "". With the Ue memorandum on the topic of the co-operation in topic of fight to the terrorism of March 2004 the fight to the "terrorism", that it can, "with the national legislation comes demanded to the countries members to characterise a figure of Eurojust reference compatibly for the regarding issues, to approach the necessary information to the" persecution "of the" guilty of terrorism actions ". Moreover it comes instituted the possibility to create Joint Investigation Team between investigative forces of the member countries in case of necessity of surveying and operations anti-terrorism to European level. The countries of the union must also equip of systems of intelligence and compatible information to European level, so as to concur the approached full load to information and arch to you that they can prevent eventual risks. This would concur to prevent risks for the public order, terrorist threats and risks for the emergency in a generalised manner. The treatment of the relative information to the passengers of the aerial transports will allow to decide of a great number of information that could be of extreme importance for the European police forces and the structures of intelligence. One cataloguing of mass to European level. In a memorandum of the dated Ue 30 March, that it resumes in the contents how much discussed to Dublin from the Task Force about the Heads of the European Police, comes ulteriorly esplicitate the information who will have to contain the database of Europol and Eurojust, to whose continuous modernisation must compulsorily supply all the countries members. He will be fundamental to implement the lists of persons, organisations or entity in order to constantly prevent and to monitorate the possible dangers. The information to make to reach will have to contain the date of the location of the subjects or groups, the actions for which it is proceeded to the investigative activity, the dangerousness, the connection with other terrorist actions, the demand for the judicial attendance, the eventual actions for which they have been proceeded or condemned and the circumstances of the crime, the sentences, eventual successive restrictions to the sentence, the penal criminal record. Returning behind of little months, as far as the prevention in occasion of you concern to us European in the comparisons of the groups that have protested radically against the imperialist political, we had already observed the tendency, in action already with the institution of Shengen Informative System, to create systems centralises of cataloguing to European level (Senza Censura 12). 17 May has been authorised the company of the treaty that authorises the exchange of relative data you to the aerial passengers between Europe and the USA in the figure of the Department for the Inner Emergency Office Immigration and Emergency of the Borders. The USA will be able in future to approach the PNR (Passenger Name Recorder electronically), and the data of all the passengers for and from the USA will be proceeded electronically. This will regard also the reservation systems electronic. The agreement previews moreover the principle of reciprocity, that is the possibility from part of the Ue countries, once adapted "the collective" system of management of the PNR, to approach the data for the traffic from and for Europe. Same inner fields to the preoccupied European institutions tell themself for the possible ones, we, fallen back say sure in terms of limitation of the freedoms and mass control, sight the discretionality from which depends uses it of such data... On the plan of the external relations the Commission proposes the insertion of clauses antiterrorism in the agreements with Countries thirds party that comprise co-operation, training, technical attendance. In a document of 27 May the new elected Anti-terrorism European Co-ordinator (AEC), GIJS M. de VRIES, under demand for the Commission faces problematic the relative ones to European repressive politics. According to the study the co-operation finds several difficulty to levels. The two work groups - Coter (CFSP Working Group on Terrorism for the co-ordination with countries thirds party) and the TWG (Terrorism Working Group) - instruments of the Law and State Departments, sufficiently are not inserted to the inside of the decisional process. The perspective is the overcoming of the division between initiative towards the inside and the outside, to confirm the superimposition of the two fronts. In the meantime the TWG would have to be taken care of monitorate inner "the terrorist" threat and reporting every 6 months to the Council, while the Coter will follow the development of the organisations and the threats in countries thirds party. Europol will dedicate its attention to the threat Muslim, with the Joint Situation Center, than will be taken care of anti-terrorism, antiproliferation, threats from not conventional crews, etc. In same the new elected CTC it characterises as necessary the ulterior development of the plans of civil emergency and programs of co-operation between the several interested forces. IT'S clearly that this affects currently in not indifferent way the plans of "Civil Defense" in action also in Italy.
In a relation of the same month on the state they of the co-operation puts into effect on the fight against the "inner terrorism and external" the CTC ulteriorly develops to the future of the co-ordination system and management of the information to European level. Like already emerged previously, although the countries members have in the adequate time the proper arrange informed, all they do not decide of levels centralises you of the information that concur a combined use from part of the forces engaged in the repression. Some limits come evidence in the same use of Europol, up to now too much used for the exchange of the information, and not sufficiently developed like operating instrument of combined participation.
Currently the exchange of information between the member states and Europol happens through AWF (Analisys Work Rows) or through the MSOPES (Member States Operational Projects with EUROPOL Support). Ulterior operating collaborations and centralisation of the information regard the relative violence to the sport events. Al here of the judgement of everyone on the supporters, are undeniable the tie that pass between the repressive restrictions to metropolitan levels with the political repression, and the experimentations on various lands of repressive shapes of successive generalisation. And this assumes greater relief when it stretches to place itself on a plan more advanced than integration of the informative and operating system of the police to European level. The Handbook of Police for the international co-operation between the police forces in occasion of the games, must have increased in its importance through a continuous modernisation why alive instrument in the hands of the "managers of the public order" represents one. They will be favourable periodic reunions where to share the actions of contrast to the violence and defined common restrictions of the possibilities of movement of the persons. The location of the presence of an enemy to the inside of the metropolis, more not limited to national the proletarian bands taken advantage of, represented from those who sees their houses razed to the ground from the strafings, their countries governed by puppets of imperialism, could not generate an ulterior strengthening of identity of "Fortress" of the Ue. As far as the political asylum they come defined more and more restrictive norms, putting into effect a preferential channel for those who collaborate with the police forces.
Moreover they come instituted common flights for the repatriation of immigrates "irregular" more be presents in, to the scope, in accordance with the documents, and defined the norms and the tasks of the state organising member and the state participant. Shengen Informative System becomes a system of second generation, enriched of new functions. SIS II will be located to Strasbourg and the connections with the Commission will be cure from France. The system of operating continuity will be to Salisburg and therefore of competence Austrian. And he is natural, speaking about Europe fortress, to place to the center puts into effect them to them political repressive in the comparisons of the immigrated population, in particular Arabic Muslim, and the connection with the innumerables agreements that regard the emergency of the borders. Clear IT'S, from the official documentations, than the political issue of immigration and choices in matter, only can living to the inside of the political anti-terrorism.
The future modifications of the legislation will always develop more in relation of the emergency and less and less of one greater freedom of circulation. Parallel the immigrated population already present endures at this point daily one made repressive strategy of rakings, arrests and deportations. The relative data to the UK can be emblematic, which has only proceeded in 2003 to 72.000 firm ones of immigrates for reasons connects to eventual terrorist activities. But in parallel with this data the successes arrests do not arrive to 300, and in part only imputable ones to the accusations of "terrorism". This data must sure be re-proportionated and to be generalised to European level. The inquiries in Italy, firm and the arrests aren't different much from the outcomes caught up in UK. The same alarm for the Olympic Games in Greece is generating a climate of witch hunt towards the population present Muslim officially in approximately 150.000 persons on one population of 10 million inhabitants. Without to forget that the greater part of those who has worked to the realisation of the Olympic structures can be led back to the Arabic community and Muslim, according to local documents. The Greek government has perceived that the used ways in order to pass illegally from immigrate can be use you from "terrorists" in order to second infiltrate in the country how much official notice from the services of intelligence of UK and USA, with the consequences that we can imagine on so-called "immigration clandestine ". The document of the European Commission reproposes, beyond to the problem of the external borders for which greater co-operation to European level, the management of the traffic of persons is necessary and things to the inside of the Ue, confirming the possibility of the states members of to establish until 30 days the controls to the frontiers in the case is threatened the emergency. The strengthening of the borders and the collaboration with countries thirds party (for a long time carry out common seminaries care the emergency of the borders of the Former Yugoslavia and of the new ones it enters Soviet former countries) is legacy deeply to the restrictive norms of the asylum right, like already introduced previously. The petitioner must in fact introduce to the places of endowed border of all the documentation necessary in order to start the procedure otherwise can be rejected. Moreover if he demonstrated himself that the petitioner is already journeyed through other European countries could be accused of aiding and abetting to clandestine immigration. The petitioner asylum must demonstrate not to be in condition for receiving protection in just the country, excluding of fact as an example the Palestinian, why present mission the UN, or the Kurds after a creation of an eventual puppet independent zone.
Ulterior discrimination is represented from the concept of "sure state" of origin of the petitioner, at this point more and more present like concept to the inside of the European laws.
The presence in the European black lists of Organisations to which the petitioner not only can be led back would prevent the possibility to demand asylum but otherwise it would place to mean the same arrest.
The panorama that is introduced to the horizon sure represents an ulterior substantial passage of the war on the inner front, demonstrating the perspective of a "chronicisation" of puts into effect them phase. The weakness of the revolutionary subjectivities in Europe meets with a much various panorama where imperialism has sunk its offensive. The demonstration of the impossibility, in terms of force ratios, to block such process is undeniable, sight the historical necessity from part of the BI of such chosen and the weakness of its antagonist, but to pick of some aspects and to assume it as land of practical initiative addressed to construct to a front since our metropolis can represent an advance for all the European proletariat one.