march - june 2005

From december 15 to december 18, 2004, Berlin

Finals declarations:

Declaration 1

Concerning the prisoners:
The isolation practice and isolation prisons against prisoners can not be accepted from human, legal, medical and political point of view.
We recognize the necessity of an international organization to fight against it.
For that we support, that initiatives of national solidarity groups with prisoners and their relatives organize on international level.
As organizations that participate in the 3rd symposium we would like to take part in such an activity.

Declaration 2

Concerning the Black Lists:
The Black lists of EU and USA have the aim to annihilate worldwide oppositional organizations.
These Black Lists were supportet in itemized countries by "anti-terror laws".
The Black Lists and anti-terror laws is simultaneously undemocratic and aims at that, to limit basic liberties und basic rights.
Against the Black Lists there must be an international initiative.
As organizations, who participate in the 3rd symposium we would like to join such an initiative.
A common web page could be the first step into this direction.
Also a common manifestation could be organized in Brussels.
Apart from that a structure that carries out often international actions could be built up by that.

Declaration 3

Concerning the isolation against countries:
The imperialism practices against countries which do not comply to them against their self-determination a crime against the mankind.
They are condemned to occupation, war and embargo.
As organizations that participate in the 3rd symposium we are against occupations, wars and embargoes. We support the fight in Iraq against the occupations and demand that the wall in Palestine will descended.
In addition we stich by Cuba. Cuba is threatened with war and embargoes. We will get a common position against that.

International Platform Against Isolation
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