july 2006


The Closing Statement of the First Founding Conference of the Resistant Arab People's Alliance

The World is in a crisis...It is the crisis of the global counter-revolution manifested by the US neo-fascism that has swept the world in the name of the American "values" and for spreading the fake American "democracy"; it is the war that is characterized by paranoia, the worship of "force", enslaving people and the take-over of their resources. A war waged by the US Empire that has dug its grave in Iraq which turned into a swamp where the Imperialist authority has deteriorated and where the Arab people have risen in defense of their rights and existence.
It is the counter-revolution that aims at making the Zionist entity a regional axis of hegemony and the deletion of the Arab history, identity and future. Thus it has moved to eliminate the resistance in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Iraq.
The United States is trying to impose the Imperialist/Zionist project on our Arab Region and all the countries in the region the US call "Broader Middle East".
Egypt is targeted by fragmenting Sudan and transforming it into cantons sponsored by the Empire. In this context, we think Egypt should re-capture its leading role towards the unification of the Arab Nation.
The uprising people in Arab Palestine are imposing their existence and respect on the world and on the Zionist entity with the strength of armed resistance, thus the Zionist entity has failed in encircling and subjugating Arab Palestinians to its liquidation projects. These heroic people in Palestine meet today with the revolution of the Iraqi people that has strategically defeated the US strategic plan in the region and looking ahead towards securing the frank victory and the total defeat of the Imperialist enemy.
We in the Resistant Arab People's Alliance Conference convened in Cairo from 27-29 March 2006, stress on articles mentioned in the call/invitation of this conference as a strategic basis for the Resistant Arab People's Alliance, and call upon the people of the world to gather under the banner of the Internationalist Support for the Arab Resistance, to confront the Imperialist aggression.
We in the Resistant Arab People's Alliance Conference, as we take the side of our people in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan and Egypt, we also take the side of all the people in the world, and take the side of the all revolutionary movements that are confronting the US Empire's aggression, from South America to South East Asia, passing through Europe, and reaching the American people who suffer from exploitation, racism and tyranny.

We stand with the right of our people in Iraq to resist the occupation by all means and on top of these means: armed resistance. We refuse all the secretions of the occupation and their collaborators, and we consider the resistance the legitimate representative of the people in Iraq, and we stand with it in the same trench, and we refuse all the attempts aiming at mutilating the image of the resistance, and we condemn the ordered, intentional assassinations of Iraq's scientific and academic expertise by the occupation and the collaborators.

We consider the Arab struggle in Palestine a struggle of existence and not a struggle of borders, thus we refuse all "settlement" solutions, and we stand with our people in Palestine in one trench for the liberation of the entire Palestinian soil, and we stress on the right of all Palestinians to return to their homes and land.

Syria and Lebanon:
We refuse the US-French mandate on Lebanon and Syria, and the interference in their internal affairs, and the attempts to cancel the right of the people in Syria and Lebanon to resist, and we condemn the collaborators in supporting this mandate.

We stand with our people in Sudan in the face of the US fragmentation project and we condemn all who are collaborating with it, and we refuse any presence of UN forces in Sudan.

We stress on the struggle for the liberation of all prisoners and detainees in the prisons of the US and Zionist occupations.

We stress on the need to work for the establishment of public liberties in the Arab Homeland and to struggle for the release of all political prisoners.

We stress on the necessity of spreading the "culture of resistance", and building alliances with the movements that are resisting the Imperialist/Zionist project in the world.

Cairo, March 29, 2006 -