march 2007



"... the judicial point of view is an unilateral action of will aiming to integrate the governmental deficiency with terrorism..." (A. Gramsci, The modern Prince - Notes on Machiavelli)

As editing of Senza Censura review, we want to express all our solidarity to the comrades object of the heaviest repressive provocation carried out by the Power of Attorney of Milan, on Monday 12 February, that brought to the arrest of 15 people (besides other 4 arrest tonight for the posting of some solidarity placards!) and about tens and tens of activists, friends and relatives searches. Especially, it seems to us that these are the elements to underline and strongly report:

1) For the nth time, the use of associative crimes as 270 (subversive association) and 306 (armed band)[articles from Italian Penal Code, translator's note] grounding an investigation that, beyond so much clamour, it likes to exactly go over again the insubstantial and provoking schemes so many times seen along these years and always applied towards individuals and groups committed in an earnest and coherent militancy against every anti-popular and warmonger politics.

2) The heaviest press-campaign supporting, by the media point of view, the judicial operation which, as the same defending lawyers reported, creates a rotten climate of lynching and criminalization, putting a heavy mortgage both on the real judicial defence and, above all, on any attempt of political management and counter-inquiry inside our territories and inside the movement in solidarity with the inquired comrades (as exactly shown the provoking arrests carried out tonight towards people posting up placards in solidarity with arrested comrades and against this ignoble fabrication).

3) The presence, among arrested and inquired, of so many militants actively committed on one's own job defending workers' interests, that the same trade-unionist leaders would provocatively to pass off as hidden "infiltrated". There is no distance, no contradiction between a political job on general thematics like imperialism or solidarity with oppressed people, and the battle on one's own job against the continuous and penalizing processes of restructuring and the tallest costs that workers are compelled to pay on their own skin. This is what arrested comrades daily did in the sunlight. And it is exactly this possible political connection, out of the heavy meshes of the trade-unionist government by compromise, that frightens masters and their allies and makes it necessary such a precise and radical intervention of repression and criminalization.

4) The manifest concomitance with the next deadline in Vicenza, that cannot be considered a fortuitous event. Creating a climate of tension and social alarm, criminalizing active components in the development of an important movement like that one against the base in Vicenza, it is a strategy already experimented several times in the past, both to look for weaken the combativeness and the determination of whoever is in mobilization, and to give a clear threatening signal about the state answer towards who opposes and dissents its strategies.

5) The attempt, through this renewed " terrorism alert ", of gather up again in a new strategy of "national unity" the political institutional cadre, above all in the offing of the difficult perspectives on the international level (from the different war fronts to the confrontation on energy resources) and the inevitable heavy consequences they'll have on the inner front.

6) At last, insofar we can understand amidst this "informative storm", it must be noticed and denounced the active role the local intelligence agencies had in this case too, that even more prove to be an important element in the determination of Italian inner and foreign politics.

We ask all political and unionist militants to clearly reject and denounce these threatening operations which not only go to heavily devastate the life of who is bodily struck, but contribute in general to reduce and limit every political space to build opposition in our Country.

A special thought goes to whom is now behind the bars, with all our solidarity.

Wednesday 14 February 2007
Comrades by Senza Censura