march 2007



18/12/2006: Solidarity to comrades from Turkey in their fight to death against prisons
Comrades Mauro Rossetti Busa and Federico Bonamici, detained in Poggioreale prison, subscribe to the International hunger strike from 15th to 18th December, in solidarity to Turkish comrades fighting to death against prison, torture, solitary confinement in the sadly renowned type F cells.
Mauro and Federico send their regards to sympathizing comrades, who demonstrated outside Poggioreale prison on 17th December, and to all those who fight, wherever they are, against solitary confinement, torture, deprivation and depersonalization carried out in imperialist prisons, for the liberation and the respect of dignity of the proletarian revolutionary prisoners.


19/12/2006: letter from Francesco Gioia, arrested for the inquiry about COR in the city of Pisa, for the subscription to the hunger strike
Dear comrades,
I inform you that I will join the hunger strike in solidarity to Turkish political prisoners, who are fighting since many years against the F regime in special jails, remembering the slaughter of 28 prisoners killed by the army during the protest hunger strike in year 2000.
Hoping that our determination and unity among fellow prisoners can be an incentive for comrades outside to fight with any necessary mean against the Establishment and exploitation.
I seize the opportunity to send my regards to all comrades supporting us prisoners with initiatives, messages of solidarity, benefits and books.
An accomplice regard, really coming from the heart to all those comrades who carry on direct action and keep on fighting with weapons less blunt than our hunger strike.
Solidarity with prisoners is not made of whinging marches or war monument, but means keeping up the war the detained prisoners were making.
Not a step back!