march 2007


The following declaration is a result of the 5th International Symposium against Isolation

We have attended the 5th International Symposium against Isolation organized by the International Platform Against Isolation (IPAI) from 15th to 18th December in Athens, and declare the following:

We actively support all political prisoners in the world opposed to imperialism, in their resistance against isolation. We are going to unite our struggles against the politics of isolation, secret detention and torture with special reference to the jails in zionist "Israel" and the Arabic countries, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Bagram and Turkey. Today there are more than 10.000 political prisoners (from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt) in the prisons of "Israel".
We declare that we are in solidarity with Mumia Abu Jamal, the Move 9, Leonard Peltier and all political prisoners in the South and North of America, and we also underline our support for the campaign to free the Five Cuban heroes.
We are in solidarity with the struggle against isolation in the European countries which are architects of isolation and which practise the policy of isolation and dispersal (Germany, Italy, Belgium, Basque Country, Ireland, Greece...)
In the struggle against Turkey's F-type prisons, 122 people have lost their lives up to now in the Death Fast resistance, and more than 600 political prisoners have been left handicapped. The death fast of the lawyer Behiç Asçi, the mother of two children Gülcan Görüroglu and the political prisoner Sevgi Saymaz has reached a critical stage. In view of the emergency of the situation, we want their demands regarding isolation to be accepted immediately.

The so called 'anti terror laws' and 'black lists' have no legitimacy and are unacceptable. We support all anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and anti-fascist forces and organizations which have been isolated and declared to be "terrorist". Further more we agree that we need to send delegates to related trials. We decided that it is necessary to provide practical support, ie: activities and participation in that kind of trials that arise from the new 'anti terror laws' that are appearing in one country after another and which in Europe have been put into practice in Belgium and Denmark first of all.

We are in solidarity with countries, who are under attack by imperialism or which have been occupied (i.e. Cuba, Venezuela, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan) and against the increasing attacks and threats of invasion against countries within the framework of the "Great Middle East Project" and against all who oppose the so-called "New World Order". We declare our solidarity with the resistances in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, and support carrying out actions on;
12th of July, the day of solidarity with the resistance of Lebanon,
20th of September, the day of solidarity with the resistance of Palestine,
20th of March, the day of solidarity with the resistance of the Iraqi people and of the peoples of the Middle East in general.

It is necessary to set up an internet site to ensure coordination and unity between political prisoners and organizations over all continents. Our aim is to guarantee that, wherever there is repression and whatever country you are in, the resistance to the repression will be coordinated.

We will actively support the international letter writing campaign, ensuring coordination and communication among political prisoners in different countries. To further this aim, we will undertake the necessary translation work.

Imperialism uses isolation as an important weapon in its fight against the people. As a consequence of that, we support the idea of creating an anti imperialist front, an anti-imperialist unity, opposing imperialist aggression and crimes of humanity worldwide.

Athens, 18th December 2006