march 2007


Final Statement

Gaza Strip, November 23th '06.

At the end of the Palestinian popular Solidarity meeting held in Gaza Strip Palestine on Thursday 23/11/2006 to support the Venezuelan people in their struggle against the brutal American imperialism, the meeting emphasizes the following statement:
The In Palestinian popular Solidarity meeting with Venezuela notes that the presidential elections Venezuela in December will mark an important turning point for the Bolivarian Revolution. The Bolivarian Revolution, led by President Hugo Chavez, has already delivered massive social gains for the Venezuelan people. This has strengthened mass support for the Bolivarian Revolution, not only locally, but also internationally.
The Venezuelan policy of defiance against American imperialism has inspired and encouraged the masses of the Developing World in their struggle against imperialist domination, poverty and exploitation.
It is now more important than ever to step up activities of solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution. The Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela is happening within a wider strugle for peace and social justice in the world.
All progressive social movements across the world face the same enemies, namely imperialism, the multinational corporations and local oligarchies. International solidarity is crucial to defending democracy and promoting vital unity.
The meeting also notes the courageous and principled decision, taken by President Chavez, to withdraw the Venezuelan ambassador from Tel- Aviv to show solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples against the war crimes committed by Apartheid Israel. This action of solidarity against the imperialist project in the Arab world is a torch of hope not only for the Palestinians and Lebanese fighting the imperialist war-machine daily, but also for all freedom loving people fighting the global anti-imperialist project.
The meeting gives full support to the Venezuelan Revolution, which has repeatedly proved its democratic credentials, in its struggle to liberate the oppressed of Venezuela and its struggle against the attacks of imperialism and its local agents.