march 2008



8th and 9th February 2008 in Munich


They are talking about „security“. We call it war, torture and terror.

They are talking about „security“ but their policy means war, torture and militarisation.


The Munich „Security Conference“ is a meeting of military strategists, representatives of governments, generals and armament lobbyists. Protected by exclusion zones, water canons and a gigantic police force NATO and EU representatives barricade themselves in the first class hotel „Bayerischer Hof“ for their annual meetings. During these meetings they plan wars, international military strategies and armament business. Among others the wars of aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq have been prepared and the first steps for the war on terror have been taken on the Munich „Security Conference“


No foreign employment of the Bundeswehr – no German support for war


The most important economic and political leaders of the world claim the right to have unhindered access to all markets and raw materials worldwide. They impose their economic interests and their greed for power using military means. The wars of occupation of NATO states and their allies waged under the slogan „war against terror“ are terror against the population:

shellfire, displacement, destruction, violation as well as the re-introduction of institutionalised torture like in Guantanamo and in secret prisons.

NATO waged wars and NATO imposed regimes of occupation are escalating conflicts worldwide. Efforts to self-determine the reconstruction and to establish democratic structures by the people of the occupied countries are given no chance.


Against war and torture – for a free and self-determined life for all people


The re-militarisation of the German foreign policy has resulted in the militarisation of Germany’s domestic policy. The preventive „security“ state is cutting the civil rights of all citizens by spying and storing all kinds of communication data, preventive arrest, monitoring public places and homes.

Anti-militarists have become target of the anti-terror article §129a. Before and after the G8 summit in Heiligendamm activists have systematically been criminalised with their houses being searched by the police.

The Bundeswehr can be employed within the country as for example during the action days against the G8 in Heiligendamm when soldiers, scout tanks and Tornados were used against the protesters. During the past few years the first-class Hotel Bayerischer Hof passed the domestic authority into the hands of the Bundeswehr for the days of the Security Conference.


Against the „security“ state – what we need is liberty of opinion and civil rights.


We are against a system of power which is profit-oriented and does not care for lives – neither in times of war nor in times of peace. We are against a system which savagely seals off the external borders of the EU against refugees and immigrants; this includes the racist and xenophobic German Aliens Act, the abolition of the right to asylum, lethal assaults on foreigners as well as the EU’s warm up for a common policy of mass expulsion of refugees into war areas in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Let’s fight against causes for migration. We need open borders for refugees and immigrants instead of barbed wire and detention camps


Let’s show the self-proclaimed rulers of the world and war mongers: You are not welcome either in Munich or elsewhere. We put international protest and resistance against your neo-liberal policy of economic power and exploitation because another world is possible – a just society, a world without war and torture.


Instead of social roll-back and armament redistribution of wealth from top to bottom.


We call you to interfere, join the protests and activities in Munich. The protest and the blockades against the G8 in Heiligendamm have shown that we can win. Red Zones and demonstration bans did not prevent activists from effectively blocking all access routes to the summit. In February war criminals and supporters of torture will learn that protest and resistance is waiting for them in Munich too.


No justice, no peace!


Join the mass demonstration and the other activities taking place on 9th February 2008 in Munich