Susanna Berardi, Caterina Spano, Anna Cotone, Maria Pia Vianale, Vittorio Bolognese, Luciano Farina, Giovanni Senzani, Aleramo Virgili ,Michele Pegna, Giovanni Gentile Schiavone, Davide Fadda del Collettivo Comunista Prigionieri "Wotta Sitta"

[versione italiana]

"I remember a sentence that a day seemed stupid to me, or at least strange, and which concerned the identification between all the components of a fighting unit, absolute in such a way that the concept of 'I' completly disappeared for leave the place to 'we.' It was a communist ethic and naturally it was (and is) beautiful are able to feel this emotion of the 'we' "

(Ernesto Che Guevara, from the jail of Mexico City, 1956)

August 17th, 1995 the United States from America are willing to carry out the execution of the death penalty for Mumia Abu Jamal; after 15 years of death row they want to assassinate this black militant already a member of the Black Panthers, of the 'Move' organization that has become also from the jail the megaphone of the oppressed inside the Usa and all over the world.

Like Italian revolutionary prisoners we stand beside Mumia and we unite to the international mobilization that wants to prevent his legally sanctioned death .

Only a concrete and strong international and internationalist solidarity can stop a political decision that the United States has taken in order to strengthen their politics of order against every form of internal opposition and in order to reaffirm their role of leader of the counterrevolution and of the proletarian repression all over the world. The wish of Governor Ridge of carring out this nth murder of state is not at all casual nor contingent. This choice is part of the strategy of annihilation that the amerikan imperialistic state has carried out and go on in carring out against the struggles of emancipation and of resistance of the proletarians and of the oppressed people inside and outside of his borders.

The planned execution of Mumia has the same intent of that of tenth of Black Panthers murdered in the streets, of the black families of the Moves bombed and burnt alive in their houses, of the American Indians dispossessed of their earth, of the Portoricans persecuted in their island and in the metropols, of the white Northamericans annihilated in jail for having chosen to fight against the Yankees' empire from inside the beast. These are the costs of the inside pacification that Usa must secure itselves in order to impose the new world order outside. Since 50 years Usa are developping the role of world policeman-power: on the base of an 'economy of war in a time of peace' they have generalized and internationalized the processes of war all over the world against whoever endanger their hegemony and the imperialistic peace. With the invasions and every kind of interferences in their 'home-garden' and beyond in the past years: from Korea to Vietnam, from Nicaragua-Salvador-Guatemala to Libia, to Libanon and to Palestina, from Iraq to Somalia and Haiti.

And with the interventions of this period: in Chiapas the Usa furnishes the political and military support to the government and to the Mexican army in order to repress the struggle of the National Army of Zapatist Liberation. In the former Yugoslavia the operations of war of the Western countries avail themselves of the huge amerikan air apparatus dislocated in the European bases, above all in Italy, and of the amerikan naval force flanked by the multinational forces in the Adriatico Sea in order to favor and consolidate his penetration and expansion toward the East. At the base of this warmonger activism, of his threatening celebration through the media, there is the structural crisis-decline of the economic power of the Usa in the world, there is the crack of their centrality on the economic and political level. With the war and his constant threat, the Usa try to consolidate their military predominance all over the world in order to secure to the monopolistic capital of the USA multinationals in the world a position of force in the competition with other capitals. The war, in other words, is the best tool of defense of the production, of the commerce, of the credit and of the amerikan financial activities in each country.

The economic crisis develops shrill contradictions also inside the national Usa border mining the social bases on which the empire stands up: officially beyond 40 millions of people live under the threshold of poverty, 37 millions have no public health assistance, the homeless reach up to the 3 millions, at the same time the exploitation at the place of work has reached up to unbearable levels. In the attempt of holding under control this explosive situation that has already revealed itself in the repeated mass-revolts of the principal metropols, the USA administration is militarizing more and more the whole society, stirring up a real internal war of forced pacification against the Black, Portoricans, Mexican, Indian, white proletarians and attacking the conquests and the conditions of life of the working class.

FFrom this need derives the pitilessness of the repressive legislation and

of the amerikan prison system that doesn't have equal in the world. More than a million of people are costantly kept in the jails in force of a racist repression that privileges the Black minority (to arrive to the USA levels the italian prison population should be multiplied for five!!), the capital punishment has been restored in almost every state and now the life sentence is automatically granted in different states, because after three crimes -even if their gravity is very small- it is compulsory applied . The politics against the organized criminality and the declared 'war to the drogues' are above all an enduring strategy of control of the proletarians quarters of the big cities and of reactionary mobilization of the masses in support of the global USA counterrevolution, despite the admiration for the 'american democracy' proclaimed in each occasion by the italian right and left politicians!

The planned execution of Mumia Abu Jamal is part of this internal and international context: a conscious and rebel voice like his must be extinguished for ever and his physical execution should be examplar, because since ever the imperialistic dictat is: "to abolish the revolutionary prisoners as a political element". Forced to recognized their existence as active subjects after years and years of isolation, of murders, of beating-ups, of campaigns of desolidarization, of psychological poisoning and surrender, means already admitting an unsolved contradiction for the governments that is able of trasforming itself in a point of force for the proletarians and the revolutionaries that are fighting all over the world against imperialism.

For this the battle in the imperialistic jails -and that for the freedom or the death of Mumia- is completly political and has always the subjective identity of the prisoners as its subject.

FFrom the Usa -the first to elaborate and experiment the scientific programs

of annihilation of the revolutionary prisoners, importing against the militants of the Black Panthers the practics of desolidarization adopted against the vietnamite prisoners in the jail of Paulo Condor under the banner of "abjuration or annihilation"- these systems have been exported in the other poles of the imperialistic chain against the militant of the metropolitan guerrilla and of the movements of national liberation. An unique politics from Germany to Italy, to Spain, to France and to Belgium, to Ireland, to Turkey aimed at differencing and keeping under pressure all those prisoners that don't fit to the machineries of the so-called 're-socialization'.

It is the political revolutionary identity of Mumia Abu Jamal that they want to be suppress: the memory and the future of the struggle that it reminds and represents in that country. The Usa are ready for a political murder in the same way they were ready in the case of the communist Rosemberg 50 years ago!

It is important to demystify in the class and revolutionary movement that common place that considers the steady conditions of imprisonment and the future of the revolutionary prisoners, both in the Usa and in Europe and in every part of the world, a remainder of the past confrontation. Mumia will be killed -if we won't be able to stop them with the force of the international mobilization- not for what he would have done according to a well instrumented framing-up, but for his class and revolutionary identity: proletarian, Black revolutionary in struggle against the imperialism from his inside.

The perpetuation of this murder of state intended also to be a stroke against the process of construction of the conscience of class of the international proletariat.

Every revolutionary process, historically, in each area of the world, has had some of its militant kept in prison. Each revolutionary movement in his struggle against the imperialism has always therefore had a captive part of it that goes on in being an active part of this struggle. This is the historic experience of the revolutionary international movement and has always to be remembered in front of the imperialistic attempt of transforming the revolutionary militants, after their capture, in hostages, in tools of blackmail and of pressure in which it wants to destroy every rest of humaneness and conscience.

In the Usa -while they wants to assassinate Mumia- they try to destroy tenth of revolutionary prisoners in the holes of the isolation, in Germany they perpetue and improve the 20-years-long isolation of the prisoners that resist and maintain their revolutionary identity, the same is happening in France, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey and in the busy Palestina. In Italy, -after the massive skimming of the revolutionary prisoners across manifold ways of resocialization, they reserve to the comrades condemned to life sentence the treatment of the diurnal isolation (already programmed in the jail of Trani for two comrades, between which Vittorio Bolognese that must discount the additional punishment of 18 months of diurnal isolation beyond the life sentence and after 13 years of prison). Beyond the poisoning smokes of the pacification, of the end of the emergency and the social recycling, what in reality is perpetuating itself in each imperialistic jail is the strategy of "abjuration or annihilation" of who resists and affirms his revolutionary identity. For this the defense of the revolutionary identity and the liberation of the antimperialistic prisoners is a subject that strategically has occupied and will always occupy a precise place in the power confrontation between the international proletariat and the imperialistic bourgeoisie. As italian revolutionary prisoners we are close to everyone in and outside the Usa jails, in Europe and everywhere in the world resists and fights for the defense and the development of the revolutionary subjectivity, because we are completely conscious that the common international struggle unite us against the imperialism.

Our heart beats for the comrade Mumia Abu Jamal!

We call for the international unity in the struggle against his planned murder every revolutionary prisoner and the revolutionary movement in order to build together communication, connections and organization against the imperialistic barbarity.

Solidarity is a weapon.


June 1995

Susanna Berardi, Caterina Spano - jail of Latina
Anna Cotone - jail of Rebibbia (Roma)
Maria Pia Vianale - jail of Udine
Vittorio Bolognese, Luciano Farina, Giovanni Senzani, Aleramo Virgili - jail of Trani
Michele Pegna, Giovanni Gentile Schiavone - jail of Carinola
Davide Fadda - carcere di Novara
of the Collettivo Comunista Prigionieri "Wotta Sitta"